How to Check Your IP Activity - Updated

     I assume you are using a Microsoft Windows application (Windows 7, 8, 8.1,  or 10)  If you are using iOS or Android, that, as they say, is another story.  If you don’t know your IP, you can get it, but this will show you all the activity occurring under your current MS Windows session.  
             (How to get your current IP:  On the Google screen, enter “how to find out your IP”.  Press enter and, voila, there’s your current IP address {without the IP prefix})
             Now, down to business:  Login to your Microsoft Account:   Link:
             You are presented with the Login screen.
 If you have an account, ðLogin, otherwise - create an account (Hint: you will be presented with a list of aliases if you have them).
             This will bring you to the “Account” screen
At the very top,   on the same line with the with the word “Account”, you will see an option for “Security” ð Click it
            That will take you to  the “Basic Security” screen
On the right side of the screen is a box “Review recent activity”  Click  the blue button “Recent Activity”.
            The next screen will show you all the Microsoft activity under your IP, (the information about your current session is first and expanded).
To check other sessions, press the “>” beside the date entry.  I don’t know how far back you can go, but there is an option at the end of the current list to retrieve additional entries.
           This information gives you an idea of who’s been using the Microsoft account under which you are currently logged.
           When you are finished, don’t forget to logout. (See the icon – very top right – that is either your picture -or- some facsimile of a head.  Click it, the "sign out" option is on the top right of the drop-down box.
           If there are any sessions you don’t recognize, change your password and report it to Microsoft (or contact the people at    .  If this is confusing, PM me and I’ll help you.


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